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KIN DB 2004 Project - Using SVN to download KinDB sources

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These are simple instructions to get a compilable source tree from the project's SubVersioN (SVN) server (if you're looking for KinGUI subproject sources, you should look at its own instructions). Migration from CVS occurred on November 8th, 2006, so since then, CVS repositories are out-of-date. If you don't have a SubVersion client installed on your system, and you feel it is time to get one, you may try SVN site or, if you're looking for SVN on Windows (not related to this project, yet), in TortoiseSVN.

Getting started (first time)

When there's no previous source tree on your machine, you have to download the whole tree.

  1. Go to the directory where you want the project's sources (for an instance, ~)
  2. Write:
      svn checkout
    If you find an error about certificate validation, just accept it (temporal or permanently); you may have to retry above command again after such failure.
    This will bring all the sources to your machine, on a subdirectory called kindb-dev.
  3. That's all.

Getting updated (following times)

Once you have a source tree, you just have to update it whenever you decide to do so.

  1. Go to the directory where you have the project's sources (for an instance, ~/kindb-dev)
  2. Write:
      svn update
    This will update all the sources on your machine.
  3. Again, that's all.

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