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KIN DB 2004 Project - Time Line

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Project is being developed in several different blocks, and this is how they are distributed in time:

Kin development TimeLine

Main Stages

Project is based on two-stage structure:

Cluster Managers

This includes developing all the modules that build the Kin Cluster (BM, QM, TM, IM and CAP/wi).

Database Managers

While building the cluster managers, DataBase managers (included into IMs) are also designed and built.

Web Client Interface

This is (at this stage) part of the CAP modules, but a separate block by itself. Will allow to build the complete client interface from the server side.

Cluster Test

Simple stress and compliance tests.

Application Modules

These are functional code to perform application level specific tasks.

Client Code

This is all the client interface required code (to validate input, to generate output...).

Application Test

Once application is developed, some test data is generated, and automated and manual tests are performed over the entire system. Test suit is also intended to be useful in benchmarking and cluster tuning.

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